With the Coronavirus crisis bringing an end to all professional sports leagues across the world, including the NBA, there have been no basketball games played for nearly a month. As a result, I decided to analyze some Coronavirus data. I used data from Johns Hopkins University which is maintained by the New York Times. Using day-by-day case and death total data from each state, I examined the growth in both cases and deaths from day to day and the metric that I believe is more important, the percent growth in the case and death data. Here are graphs of the total number of cases and deaths day by day in New York.

As you can see, not surprisingly, both have risen exponentially. I then examined the growth in cases and deaths each day and here are those graphs:

As you can see the growth in cases and deaths each day rises exponentially for the most part. However, this is also expected as lock down orders in New York State are recent and there is around a 2 week delay from when the infection was contracted to showing symptoms. Now let’s look at the most interesting statistic: the percent growth of the daily growth in deaths and cases.

As you can see, the growth percentage has been over zero most days. However, there are only few days where the growth percentage is over 50%. With the cases growth percentage data, we are starting to see a slight trend downwards, which is a very good sign. However, with death growth percentage, we are unable to see a trend just yet.

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