Today I attended the first day of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. I am thrilled to be here because this is my second year in a row and because I got to see an amazing group of guest speakers today. Today I attended the following sessions:

Building Data-Driven Organizations: This panel of various sports business owners gave examples of how data influences their organizations.

Basketball Analytics: Hunting for Unicorns: This panel was highlighted by Bob Myers and Paul Pierce as they gave their interesting opinions on star players in the current NBA and the need for a “unicorn” to be successful in today’s league.

4 research paper lectures: I got to hear innovative applications of machine learning and neural networks in baseball, basketball, and soccer.

1 on 1 with Adam Silver and Bill Simmons: Adam Silver gave his opinions on the state of the NBA and addressed some of the controversial issues surrounding the NBA such as the length of the NBA regular season, midseason tournaments, the length of the NBA draft, the length of player contracts in free agency, and player tampering rules .

Baseball 2.0: Updating America’s Pastime: I heard a panel of people involved with the MLB or baseball media give their opinion on the future of baseball and how to move to the future in a game that relies on history. Some of the topics discussed were how to implement rule changes to rules that have existed since the 19th century, and new potential rule changes such as increasing the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate.

The People Advantage: Culture Analytics: This panel was highlighted by Daryl Morey as they gave their opinion on the value of Culture in an organization.

I had a great day today and am looking forward to tomorrow.

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