Every year since 2007, ESPN puts out their rankings of the top 100 high school players in the country. While analyzing these rankings, I began to wonder which colleges got the most top recruits. So I put together this chart which shows how many recruits have gone to each college over the past 10 years:

As you can see, Kentucky is first by a significant margin with 42 total commits. Duke is next with 33. Arizona is next after Duke with 29, and UCLA, North Carolina, and Syracuse round out the top with 27 commits. Following them are Kansas, Ohio State, Texas, Michigan St, Florida, and Memphis.These results are not surprising as most of these schools are blue-bloods and are always among the best teams in the nation every year.  However, let’s now look at how many of these players each school has sent to the pros.

Again, Kentucky is first by a significant margin by getting 28 players drafted over the past 10 years. Again, Duke is in second with 19 players getting drafted. UCLA is third with 14 players getting drafted, and North Carolina and Syracuse round out the top with 12 players getting drafted. Again, these results are not too surprising. Kentucky and Duke produce a huge number of “one and dones” each year and send a huge number of players to the draft. However, after Kansas and Arizona who have gotten 11 and 10 players drafted, there is a significant drop off with Ohio St, Michigan St, Texas, Florida, and Memphis sending significantly fewer players to the pros. This might be a warning sign that top recruits should stay away from these schools. However, maybe these schools will fare better if we look at which schools sent the highest percentage of kids to the draft:

Again…no. Ohio State, Michigan State, Texas, Florida, and Memphis are at the bottom of the list in this category. These schools send less than 30% of these ESPN 100 players to the pros, while Kentucky, Duke, and UCLA send over 50% of their ESPN 100 players to the pros. Ultimately, the best schools to go to are the traditional blue-blood schools since they do churn out the most pro-caliber players, and it should be no surprise that so many top high school recruits do choose to go to these schools.


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